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This is the first public alpha release of Bimbocalypse: Rise of the Bimbies available for Windows. This is a short project intended to be my introduction into game development with the Unity engine.

As an agent of Center for Transformation Control and Prevention, you are tasked with collecting samples of a meteorite that crashed down near Fox City, bringing with it some unknown entity that is transforming the locals into voluptuous women intent on spreading the infection to every corner of the earth! Collect samples and dodge the bimbies (bimbo-zombie) to assist the Center in developing a cure, but be careful, every time the bimbies catch you, you become just a little more like one of them...

Play as one of two (more on the way) different Agents with differing abilities. Levels 1 through 10 are currently complete out of a total of 12 of the main campaign; after completing level 10, you will be sent back to level 2 until more of the campaign is completed.

In contrast to previous works of mine, this is a an action-driven short game that rely on your timing and reflexes--and a bit of luck--to avoid infection.

This project is in early alpha and is planned to be receiving updates until at least the end of March. There will likely also be Last Man Standing game mode (try to remain uninfected as long as you can even as the bimbie hordes grow in number) and, time and interest permitting, an Agent of Love campaign where you take the role as a bimbie purposefully attempting to transform  and recruit others to your cause.

If you'd like to support our work, consider donating at our Patreon, https://www.patreon.com/ExileOfAphrodisia . [Note that while the Patreon states it is for the previous / ongoing project Exile of Aphrodisia, the proceeds raised will also be used for this game and future projects.)

Updated 15 days ago
Tagsbimbo, male-into-female, mtf, transformation, Transgender, Unity, Zombies


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Bimbocalypse_alpha_0_7_0.zip 131 MB
Bimbocalypse_alpha_0_6_1.zip 122 MB
Bimbocalypse_alpha_0_6_0.zip 122 MB
Bimbocalypse_alpha_early_0_6_0.zip 120 MB
Bimbocalypse_alpha_0_5_1.zip 114 MB
Bimbocalypse_alpha_0_5_0.zip 114 MB
Bimbocalypse_alpha_0_4_0.zip 101 MB
Bimbocalypse_alpha_0_3_0.zip 100 MB
Bimbocalypse_alpha_0_2_0.zip.zip 91 MB
Bimbocalypse_alpha_0_1_1.zip 89 MB
Bimbocalypse_alpha_0_1_0.zip 87 MB


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Really liked this game, I love that each agent has their own personalized transformation. Would love too see more from you in the future

Do you plan on releasing for Mac or not?

I can seem to open the newest file, my browser either closes when I click on it or when I unzip it is an error appears