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NSFW: The Exile of Aphrodisia, a transformation / fetish game based off of Oregon Trail and The Odyssey.


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exile_of_aphrodisia-win32-x64_V0.1.12.3.zip 132 MB
exile_of_aphrodisia-win32-ia32_V0.1.12.3.zip 122 MB
exile_of_aphrodisia-win32-x64_V0.1.12.2.zip 132 MB
exile_of_aphrodisia-win32-ia32_V0.1.12.2.zip 122 MB
exile_of_aphrodisia-win32-x64_V0.1.12.1.zip 132 MB
exile_of_aphrodisia-win32-ia32_V0.1.12.1.zip 122 MB
exile_of_aphrodisia-win32-x64_V0.1.12.0.zip 132 MB
exile_of_aphrodisia-win32-ia32_V0.1.12.0.zip 122 MB
exile_of_aphrodisia-win32-x64_V0.1.10.1.zip 115 MB
exile_of_aphrodisia-win32-ia32_V0.1.10.1.zip 105 MB
exile_of_aphrodisia-win32-x64_V0.1.10.0.zip 115 MB
exile_of_aphrodisia-win32-ia32_V0.1.10.0.zip 105 MB
exile_of_aphrodisia-linux-x64_V0.1.10.0.zip 107 MB
exile_of_aphrodisia-linux-armv7l_V0.1.10.0.zip 101 MB
exile_of_aphrodisia-linux-ia32_V0.1.10.0.zip 109 MB


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So, are the downloads the game as a whole, or just the installation programs?

Ignore that, I was tired, thought the windows downloads were .exe files, not .zip[ files.
My bad.

no mac version...

Sadly I could never get Mac to work, and I have nothing to test those on :(